Drawing disappears on every frame but the first? Do I have to copy and paste my character into every frame of the timeline?

Somebody please help I have my character all rigged up and I watch tutorial videos where the guy slides his timeline to the tenth frame and makes a leg adjustment, but if I move passed the first frame on my timeline my character is gone, so I can’t just animate him I have to copy and past him into every frame to animate and I know this can’t be the way it is done. I probably hit some button I’m not aware of as I was self teaching and I can’t figure out how to animate a character passed the first frame without copying and pasting him back into the picture, which is incredibly tedious. Any help at all is appreciated.

Normally a template is made using two motion keyframes;
a beginning and ending one. You can then slide the ending
keyframe of the collapsed rig to a further frame to extend the

Your issue is likely that you made only one keyframe only. In this
case - collapse the master peg and copy/paste the keyframe.
If that keyframe is not a motion keyframe, right click it at both
frame positions to turn it into a motion keyframe (unless you want
the movement to “jump” instead of interpolate (make motion

If I understand you correctly it sounds like you just need to extend your exposure. You need to click on the last cell in your timeline that you want the rig to appear and hit F5