Drawing disappearing [TOON BOOM STUDIO]

I am trying to animate sort of a “wagging tail” motion, and for some reason, the body of my character is missing. Anybody know why? It’s done this a couple of times with other stuff along the way as well.

Check your z-depth settings for your drawing elements.

It’s very likely that they are all set to 0 (zero), which is the default value.

You can reorder the drawing elements in the Timeline View to get things to show up (highest element is closest to the camera).

However, I prefer to fix it using z-depth adjustments, as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/nn7OxvKMKN8

Just go to Top/Side View, zoom in to the max, then select and drag your drawing elements a teeny bit.

What if there is no little green line on the z-depth axis to alter a specific drawing layer?

Thank you!

That’s odd, since in Top/Side View you should at least see a single green line to represent those drawing elements that do show up in Camera View. For example, the flower, as well as the snail’s head and tail are visible.

Can you confirm that you’re not zoomed in too much (in Top/Side View) such that those objects are out of view? Try by zooming out.