Drawing Desk not always there

Problem: I select a group of exposures and send them to the Drawing Desk, but the Drawing Desk doesn’t open, and there are no pull-out tabs I can use to find it. Is that a glitch or am I missing something?

The drawing desk is in the drawing view. You won’t see it if
you remain in the Camera view

I’m in the Drawing View. I send a few drawings to the desk while in that view, and the panel does not pop up. It has once or twice, but not consistently.

I tried to use the keyboard shortcut (alt-click) and the desk showed up. However, when I went to camera view and came back, the desk panel was gone, even though the drawings are highlighted to show the drawings are in the desk. I can’t alt-click to get the panel to appear again.

Is it possible that you unknowingly clicked on the Collapse/Expand < > view button thus hiding the Drawer view?


If you have the Collapse view button to the Drawer activated it seems to fit your description of what you are experiencing.

In the image you sent, the expand view arrows would simply expand the tool properties/library window.

I’m sure something will click eventually, but it’s very inconsistent. I can do a send to drawing desk once and it doesn’t work, then do it again immediately after, and it does. Not sure what the solution may be. Thanks for helping.

This is incorrect.

I have the ability to experiment. My Drawing Desk is readily available and working properly. The Drawing Desk has its own expand/collapse buttons.

If you had the Drawing Desk opened and used these buttons it would behave just like the Tool Properties and other windows by collapsing and expanding.

If you have collapsed the Drawing Desk, clicking on any expand/collapse buttons you see along the sides of the open windows would expose the Drawing Desk provided you clicked the appropriate button.

You can identify a collapsed window by its single button. When a window is expanded there are both <>. When it is collapsed there is only one < or > depending on the location of the window.