Drawing choppy, slow, unresponsive, workspace flickers

So I installed it, got out my Intuos 4, drew a line and what plagues my eyes? It takes 3 seconds to draw a line, the drawing disappears for a few ms while drawing, it lags behind alot! :-X I turned off anti aliasing in Open GL, but other than making it looks edgy (obviously ::slight_smile: ) it helps nothing.

My setup is:
Amd X2 6000+ (2x 3ghz)
8800 GTS 512 MB G92
4 GB Ram
Windows 7

Any help is appreciated, I can’t work like this. :’(

firstly, update all drivers (intuos, graphic card) and then check the wacom properties (also particularly for the animate application).

I’m positive it’s not the Wacoms fault. All drivers are updated, from the computer to the external hardware.

Also it does the same when using the mouse to draw.

This definitely sounds like a problem with your graphics card. Does the 8800 support openGL? I did a quick search for openGL problems with that card on the nvidia forums and found that there had been reports of people having problems with openGL on 3D programs. Maybe what solved it on their end will solve it on yours:

Go to nvidia control panel->3d settings->Adjust image settings…-> Use the Advanced 3d Image setting Take me there .

Make sure Antialiasing mode is set to Application controlled.

I fixed it now by changing the setting for triple buffering.

My problems continue here: http://www.toonboom.com/support/forums/animate/index.php?board=16;action=display;threadid=1357