Drawing-Camera mode issue

Hey, I created an image in the drawing mode but when i switch to camera view I see that my drawing is somehow 10x or so to big for the camera view frame. Have attempted to resize the image to fit within the frame but the drawing lines seem to remain too fat and not shrink accordingly. Can anyone offer some advice please? Im using premium if that matters.

You can proportionally scale the lines of drawings by adjusting the Scale fields in the Coordinates and Control Points window.

You can make manual adjustments in Camera view by selecting the line and changing its size using the pencil sliders and presets. Both can be changed after drawing lines.

You could use the Transform Tool while the Animation Tool is not selected. This can work under some conditions but it may be a problem when trying to match characteristics between fresh drawings and the scaled drawing. For example, the line will not adhere to a specific weight so consistency and uniformity issues could be consequences.

The best thing to do it avoid the problem you experienced by starting your drawings in Camera View, using the grid and adopting a uniform reference model sheet type of system so everything is drawn proportionate to its intended environment.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!, you have made this incredible headache of an issue very simple to solve. Us newbs need you guys and really appreciate your assistance!