Draw on imported 3d mesh surfaces (H16 Premium)


Is it possible in some way to draw on an imported 3d mesh’es surface (uv map) (in perspective view) in Harmony 16 Premium?

I know that we can’t draw freely in 3d space in Harmony but at least maybe there is a way to draw on mesh surface or mesh UV maps in drawing view and see the update in perspective/camera view?

Photoshop and blender grease pencil can do this but I would like to do it in Harmony.

Maybe a feature to add for future version of Harmony? :slight_smile:

Also, add the ability to create primitive 3d meshes in Harmony and paint on the surface would be neat!
Everything done in one place…

I would honestly LOVE this feature, imagine quickly sketching environments and sets without leaving harmony… which makes me think, why is’nt this feature already in harmony?? :slight_smile:

Drawing = check
Import 3d mesh = check
Draw on imported mesh surface & uv map = ?
Create primitive mesh (with uv map) = ?
Draw on created primitive mesh (on surface or uv map) = ?