Draw => bluescreen

Can’t get started with Animate because I get a bluescreen memory dump when I try to use the Draw tool (click on the camera view field).

Disk drive starts running, system hangs, memory dump.

Win XP SP 2 / Lenovo X61 tablet / Intel latest driver for OpenGL

(also reported via e-mail a moment ago so this is a duplicated support

I have the same tablet as you and ran into the problem with Digital Pro, which I think may use the same underlying engine as Animate—I might be wrong, but the solutio is the same.

Option #1: Go to your video card maker’s website and download the latest drivers. Drivers tend to be updated every couple of months. Do not rely on your PC/Laptop official drivers. They are usually over a year out of date. You may need to force the upgrade. My Lenovo Tablet works hard to prevent “unauthorized” driver upgrades. If you need help, I’ll elaborate in another message.

I actually have been going to update my drivers straight from the intel website and the fix seems to work well. The Intel drivers are WAY more up to date compared to the official Lenovo drivers. I think they were just recently updated.

Option #2: This is easiest and doesn’t involve driver changes. In XP, right click on the background. Select PROPERTIES. Then select SETTINGS. Then select ADVANCED. Then select TROUBLESHOOT. You’ll see a sliding bar that is titled HARDWARE ACCELERATION. Move the slider all the way to the left so it says NONE. Click on APPLY. Now exit this and retry the program. If you meet success, you can probably move that slider one notch to the right, but no more than that.

The downside here is you will see a decline in system speed, so I prefer the driver upgrade option.

I use Digital Pro on my tablet with ease. I have already seen a couple of crashes with Animate on my Lenovo, but the program is very usable.

I hope this helps.