Draw behind and brush selection

the draw behind tool cancels every time i change brush size in brush presets. The draw behind tool should be a separate toggle button and independant of the brush choice . ( also with a short cut option so that I can add it to my cintiq buttons )
This is a constant frustration when drawing as i have to double check the draw behind is on or off each time i change brush size .

So in summary - the brush select , the draw behind and the colour selection should be separate choices . My work speed would probably increase by 10 - 20 percent without these ongoing annoyances .

The brush presets now save when you have paint behind selected or not selected. I have made a bunch of large paint behind brush presets in a light yellow post it colour which shows up over white or dark. Now when I go to those presets it automatically sets to paint behind.

My black brush presets are set to not paint behind.

If you want to update your presets to not paint behind. First select the preset, then in the tool properties panel change the toggle to regular paint, press the update preset button (the icon next to the + and - signs on the top of the brush preset panel). Your preset should change to whatever your current brush settings are. You can change the preset colour this way as well.

if I understand you correctly you have a brush preset for paint normal , one for paint behind and one or more for each colour preset . All for the same size brush . And if you need to draw on top or draw behind in the same size brush you need to select the brush preset each time .
This sounds like a very long winded way of selecting a brush option .
Als oyour brush preset panel will be full of brushes that you need to searcg through .
My brush preset panel is made up of 5 solid brush sizes , 3 airbrushes and 2 spatter brush sizes . Really simple . I want a toggle draw behind option . If the cursor altered slightly when in draw behind it would be clear that that tool is turned on . .
Apologies if I have miss understood your methodology .

yes exactly lilley . I don’t understand the shading brush - surely all that is is a preset large size brush with the draw behind set to on . its nothing special . and i never use it . i’m interested in your method . if you wanted to shade behind with a smaller brush would you use the ‘o’ key to change the size of the shade brush ? if so then you are using the preset brush sizes in exactly the opposite way to me . i want the brush presets to be size setting and style . you seem to be using them as everything except the size . so you never know where you big brush or your medium or small brush is on your palette as they are constantly moving .
All I really need are half a dozen brush sizes a 5 , 12 , 16 , 25 , 100 ,400. Three airbrush sizes .100 , 200 ,400. and a couple of spatter brush sizes for texture - 100 , 250 .
it would very useful if we could move the presets within the window to reorder them .
I line up my black to white grey scale of about 8 swatches in colour palette . then add half a dozen black swatches and apply various alpha grades to them - to use for shading ( hence the need for the flatten option . )

I constantly change brush sizes so i need to know they are in the same place each time .
i then choose to turn on / off draw behind when i like. ( A cursor ammendment would be really great here .)

hopefully that gives an incite into my working method . it will also show you my frustration in the set up is right now . I don’t know how many people work like me but i do know all the guys on previous animated films i’ve worked on worked in a similar way . ( we all learned sbpro together 5 years ago )
looking forward to function update which I know would speed my work flow a lot .
thanks dean

wow - thanks for the draw behind update .That simple option really helps my work speed. thanks .one step closer !
Was that mentioned in the service pack update . ?
( just need colour separate from brush size and I’m flying . )

amendment - the toggle hot key draw behind still cancels when selecting between brush presets . So no advantage - shame .

Hi lilley ,Sorry to go on. yes it does store the predefined state in brushpresets. . But if i am switching between brush sizes it means i have to select draw behind each time .
Not what i want .
I’m wondering whether my drawing tools options be considered in future functionality?
thanks anyway . d