Draw a Gradient

Is there a possibility to position and orient a Gradient or Texture directly with the Paint Tool (or else)
by tracing a selection in the direction one want the Gradient or Texture to be…?


I don’t think it is possible. But would certainly be a good feature and a sensible one.

You can copy and paste previous gradients.

Thanks TheRaider,

Unfortunately copy and paste does the same thing like Store and Use the Colour Gradient.
I am just drawing a 200 frame by frame rising smoke animation with about a dozen of little clouds in different sizes and shapes on every frame…

Animate sets the Gradient horizontal by default…
I guess, I have no choice, and turn the gradient for every little cloud manually…


This may sound like an odd thing to do, but have you thought about rotating your workspace 90 degrees and making the animation and then when finished rotate the whole animation when attached to a peg?

That’s rather a genuinely clever idea… “works perfectly”…
(Damn ! - if I would have know this before…)

Unfortunately I have drawn all my 200 frames of cloud-layers already…
Animate still sees all my drawings vertically in Drawing-View
and applies the Gradient accordingly (horizontal)

Anyway, many thanks for this extremely helpful idea…


I haven’t got animate here (replying on phone while waiting for student) but how about putting your whole animation on a peg, rotating 90 degrees and applying the gradient then. Then once you have finished rotate it back 90 degrees. I don’t know if it would work but i think it would.

Rotating the drawing-layer with or without a Peg-Layer 90° in Camera-View,
still applies the gradient in the original (Drawing-View) horizontal direction…

One has to draw from the start horizontal, then rotate the whole layer 90° back,
and the gradient will move with it… (exactly like your original idea)…


In Harmony there is a gradient editor; in the default configuration it is on the left hand column where the contour and other editors are. It lets you scale and rotate the gradient, it even can be animated over time. Also by scaling to an oversized gradient you can create a smooth color change effect.