Dragging symbols issue

Hi there,

I wonder if this is happening to anyone else.

I’m on a Mac using Animate Pro 2.

On page 815 of the manual, it says to drag the “blink symbol” and drop it onto empty frames while holding the ⌘ key which should bring up the Paste Special dialogue box.

No matter how many times and ways I do this I can’t get this window to open and only one frame is inserted in the timeline.

Also, visually when I do it, it doesn’t match the image in the manual either. That is, a small plus sign is not appearing when I’m just about to let go over the timeline.

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks Lilly.
Yep the Control button did the trick of bringing up that Paste Special window, tho still no + sign but atleast it’s working now.
You might want to consider fixing that typo in the manual as it definitely says to hold down the Command key for a Mac during this procedure.
THanks again.

On a Mac, pressing on the Control button as you drag and drop will bring up the Paste Special dialog.

If you’re not seeing the plus sign as you drag, it’s probably because you’re trying to drag and drop onto something that doesn’t have the same structure. When you drag and drop on the right hand side of the timeline, the structure of the destination has to match the structure of the source that you’re dragging or the drag and drop will fail.