Dragging Layers in SB2

Simple question: Can you?Dragging layers from thumbnail to thumbnail saves an enormous amount of time in production rather than going thru the steps to copy and paste layers. I use it constantly at the studio.But at home I’ve upgraded to StoryBoard Pro 2. My layer dragging isn’t working. Is there a toggle I need to hit? Or has this ability been lost in the upgrade?

I used to do the same thing when I used SBP1 last year - my thumbs in 2 don’t show layers. And dragging a layer from the main drawing panel to another thumbnail won’t work…is there a preference we’re missing?

I just tried this out on Storyboard Pro 2 and this worked fine for me.

I went to the drawing view and I selected layer A, then I dragged this and dropped it on top of all the other layers on my second panel. I then got the option to replace the layer A that already existed on that panel.

Maybe you’re dragging then letting go on top of the actual thumbnail? Make sure you let go on top of the layer names on the next panel.


This has changed slightly from the previous version of Storyboard in that now you can’t simply let go on top of the thumbnail itself.

Let me attach a screenshot here and I’ll indicate on the screenshot where you should be dropping it.


Let me know if this helps out!

Or are you trying to do it in the Timeline?