Dragging keyframes of a locked peg in Harmony 16

Hi all, we’ve recently passed from harmony 14 into Harmony 16. PC (win 7).
We have a big issue with 16 that we are not able to solve.
Our rig has by default some locked pegs (Locked with a little padlock icon in the timeline). We left them locked on purpose, hence the animator can’t move them. We need those pegs locked.
In Harmony 14, we’re able to freely move all the keyframe of the rig, along the timeline, without any issue at all.
Both the locked keyframes and the unlocked keyframe, move together.
In Harmony 16 the same rig and the same action cause us BIG trouble: When we drag the keyframes of our rig along the timeline the locked keyframe (those in the locked layer) stays where they are and they don’t want to move together with the others.
From the alogical point of view, TB16 is behaving correctly: locked keyframes STAY locked and don’t move. But it wasn’t like that in 14.
See picture attached for a visual explanation.
How can we restore the TB 14 behaviour? does anyone know a way to solve it? maybe in the preferences, there’s something that I missed.
NOTE: we need those pegs locked, and we don’t want to remove the padlock, I say that just to be clear that I’m seeking a way to change the behaviour of TB, we can’t change our rig.
thanks for ANY help.