Dragging Illustrator Files to Timeline

I have an illustrator file that I’m trying to properly import to Animate. Following the instructions in the Animate User Guide I’ve tried to drag the newly created .tpl folder to the left of the timeline.

The instructions say to wait for the Copy cursor (cursor with a + in the lower left corner) before releasing the click. The cursor doesn’t appear no matter how long I wait.

The instructions also say that all the layers will drop in however only one layer appears in the timeline window when I release the file.

In the preview window I can scrub through the different layers except it replaces one layer image for another on the timeline.

The Color Recovery box does NOT appear though it says it should in the User Guide.

Any help would be appreciated! I’d like to create my characters in Illustrator and import them into Animate!

Hi - are you in the Animate PLE or Animate full version? Romi

I am experiencing the same problem, in PLE.

Do you have both Animate and Animate PLE installed on your machine?
If so, it is recommended to uninstall the PLE version so that we can trouble shoot without possibility of conflict. I did the test in the full version of Animate and I got the plus sign. Note that if you go fast drag and drop, you will not see it. Animate also created different layers in my Timeline.

Note that in illustrator, if you make layers as sub-layers, it imports into Animate as one flat layer. Make sure to test with real separate layers.


I am experiencing the same problem, in PLE. Does this feature not work in the Animate PLE?

Correct! it seems the PLE version will not import Illustrator files. However, I have the full version and the import works just fine! SWF import does work in the PLE version. So you can just export your Illustrator file as a SWF for now.

i’m having the same problems with importing illustrator-files in animate PLE …
i have tons of characters all build in illustrator and i’d like to use them in animate.
nice to hear that it works in the full version.
what about transperencies and gradients? do they survive the import?

thanks for your help.


Hi - Just to confirm that Illustrator files do import into the full version of Animate.

Also, transparency and gradients are retained on Illustrator files imported into Animate. Make sure to “flatten transparency” in Illustrator before saving.

TB Support

thanks for your help.