Dragging Frames / Drawings

In a Timeline, how do you point and click to drag frames left and right? In other words, how do you easily change the order of the frames with your mouse?

also (same sort of question)

In an Xsheet, how do you point and click to drag individual drawings up and down in a Layer?

I tried moving things around in the Timeline and X-sheeet, as you would grab and move a cell in Excel, but no luck so far.

So I am doing this using cut and paste at the moment, and it is very very slow to do it this way.

I am using Windows.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi, There,
Why you want to drag one frame to another ? Do you want to just copy the drawing from another frame or you want to duplicate that drawing and modify it.
Please send more details to support@toonboom.com