Dragging exposures in timeline not extending the frame before selection

Hi. I am trying to follow a Digital Tutors tutorial and it’s not working out like the guy who is showing me.
I have three drawing exposures. I want to grab the last two and move the exposures later in the timeline and I want the first exposure to fill the space inbetween.
When I select last two exposures and move them all that happens is the two exposures move but now there are empty cells between the first one and he moved cells.

Also when I try to cycle the two exposures (create cycle eg: 30 times) it only cycles one time no matter how big a number I put in??

I figure it is something super simple that I am not seeing.
Any help would be majorly appreciated

Is the Overwrite Exposures option not available in Harmony Essentials? There’s no Timeline tab for that version’s preferences.

Hey Bryka!

This could have to do with a setting inside of your Harmony preferences. Go into Preferences / Timeline / Overwrite Exposures and Keyframes During Drag and Drop (enable)

This should help with the exposure extension.

For the cycle, did you copy your drawings first before selecting paste cycle? You need to copy the drawing cells, then paste cycle and choose the number of times that the drawings will be pasted subsequently and how they will be pasted (probably normal (forward).

Let me know if this helps!

Perfect. Yes to all the above.
I think this tutorial is using an older version so things look a little different.
Thanks a bunch.