Dragging a cel with onion skin turned on.

I can’t figure this out. Sometimes, when I turn on onion skin and try to drag a frame using the transform tool in order to register it to the drawing on the frame that is visible in the onion skin, the tool drags not only the cel I have selected in the timeline, but the cel that is visible in the onion skin as well. I’m using Animate 1. Can anyone explain this to me? I just want to move a character in one frame to match the same character’s position in the next frame, but then the image in the next frame gets repositioned as well.

Have you tried it with the preference setting “Select Tool Works on Single Drawing” checked (on the camera tab of the preferences)?

However, I figured out that I was trying to move the frame with the transform tool, instead of the selection tool, and so moving the entire layer (since I didn’t keyframe the cel). Thanks for the advice, though.