Drag Zoom feature in Harmony 17?

Is it possible to set up a shortcut in Harmony 17 so that I can drag my stylus left or right to zoom in and out on my drawing? There is a thread from 2012 that seemed to say that you couldn’t back then. Is this possible now?

Thanks again oOAmpyOo.
That looks like a great mouse! This problem in my case is that I use my right hand to draw. I’m on a Mac, so perhaps I could program the Apple Magic Mouse to scroll Zoom?

I use Macs and draw right-handed as well. A trackball is easy to manipulate with your non-dominant hand because it is stationary, I mean the zoom with the wheel is easy. I tend to use my right more than not as I just don’t need to constantly adjust the zoom as I draw and I don’t lose that much with inefficient workflow. Note that I am a hobbyist not working production in a studio.

I do not know the answer to your question however I do have an alternative. Get a mouse with a scroll wheel/fingertip roller. That wheel zooms in and out when the Zoom is activated with a shortcut.

I use this Logitech M570 trackball. I could probably sell these on people because I love every detail.