Drag copying

And for the record, this isn’t about Julie Newmar :o

Some other programs have the ability to copy by dragging while holding down Alt.

I accidentally copied something today by dragging it while holding Control and Shift. Didn’t know it would do that, and it was a nice discover.

Likely you all knew this and can tell me what page it’s on, but I thought I’d share it anywho.

Hi Rob,

That’s right ! Have you tired to hold alt while dragging (before releasing)?

You might find an new trick with alt (crtl on Mac).

If not I’m sure some else who will read this post will learn something :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.


I tried using alt and all it did was drag the item in drawing view and it just moved it.

Turns out you just need to use Control to duplicate a selected piece in drawing view.

Here’s something else I just figured out while checking this out: Using Alt while dragging an Element in Camera View moves it forward and backward. I found that interesting and useful.

Will wonders never cease??