drag and drop has stopped working from symbols library to another library

In Animate pro, on mac, there option to drag-copy a symbol from symbol library to another library has stopped working since 1 or 2 weeks ago…

I guess that I have a lot of symbols created in the Symbols folder,and also I have dragged some of them to a Templates folder, and created a folder inside it, and dragged to this subdirectory in templates,also I have dragged symbols to the animate and templates top folders.

Now if for example I open a new scene( or create a new one,
then create a symbol, then
1 I set right to modify to the animate library folder
2) I set the rigth to modify to the templates library folder
3)I create a folder inside templates library, renamed it, and set right to modify that folder.
4)I check that the ‘right to modify’ icon is ok for that folder is the correct one,

5)then I go to the top level in the scene, -getting out of the symbol level-
6) then I try to drag the symbol to any of the animate, templates or a subdirectory in templates library,
in all of this cases:
only a white rectangle appears when I am dragging the symbols, (not green circle, and not error appears)

the result is that no symbol is pasted.

7)I have tried also copy-and paste buttons and nothing is pasted.

so, it seems that the drag and drop any symbol, from symbol the symbols folder to another library has stopped working in animate pro.

so, what I have to do now is to go to inside each symbol and then select all the layers of the symbol an do a drag an drop from timeline to the library …which at least continues working… so , it is ot the hadrware or permits in the library because it drags and drop correctly from timeline to a library.


I am not sure how you were able to make this work before… It is not possible to drag a symbol to a template library directly. You can drag or copy a template from one library to another, but you can’t drag a symbol. If you have your symbol in your scene and then you drag it to the Template library to create a template, then you can then drag this template around to whichever library you need. However we have never had a functionality where you could drag a symbol from the symbol library to a template library…~LillyToon Boom Support

thanks, I dont know how it worked before, but I used it to copy more than 100 symbols from symbol´s library to another library.it was useful to be able to copy a symbol from symbol´s library to another library. ;D