Downloading Version 3 Beta

I may be a little dense here, but where do registered users find the Version 3 Beta announced on the front page to download? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t figure it out.

No I never received a notification. I have email announcements checked, so maybe my junk mail filter grabbed it or something. Anybody know if there is a way to get the email resent?

I’d like to know as well, didn’t get any email with the announcement and I’d love to try it!

So ToonBoon, if it’s possible, any other way to get to the beta if we didn’t receive the mail??



I recieved the mail, but didn’t found any link to download v3 beta in it. Possibly the official release date is mid July. Then only will we get ways to download it. But I am not sure.

Hello everyone,

The beta version is available for download only to those who bought it via the early upgrade program. By purchasing your next upgrade of Toon Boom Studio now you will be able to:

1- Benefit from the most aggressive promotion on V3 (up to 50% off)
2- have access to the beta version until July 2005 and participate in the beta testing program. This gives you also the opportunity to send feedback and comments of things that you would like to enhanced in Toon Boom Studio.

The commercial release of TBS is planned for July so as soon as it’s release the early upgrade participants will be notified by email with a link to download.

If you want to participate to the early upgrade program, just send an email to A valid Toon Boom Studio key from a previous version is required.

Please note that this early program ends June 6 2005.

When Toon Boom Studio V3 is launched you will be able to purchase Toon Boom Studio V3 at the regular price.



What will the regular price of V3 (as an upgrade) be when it is released?

Hi Brendan if i had read it right the price for the upgrade to Version 3 is $199.99 us from version’s 1 to 2& $99.95 us from version 2.5 or $79.95 us before july the 6