download Incompatability?

Before I begin, let me apologize if I spell anything wrong.


I just downloaded Toon Boom Animate, but I did not get a choice as to weather to install the 32 or 64 bit type. Because it did not give me a choice, I assumed that It simply downloaded the correct version. My assumption was wrong and I now have a program on my computer that I can’t use because the program is 64 bit and my computer is 32 bit.

Is there a way to get a trial version of the 32 bit software?

I’m not going to spend heaps of money on something that I don’t know I like yet. If I can’t get a trial version that works, I can’t decide buy, you know?

As far as I know, Animate 3, including the PLE-version, is only in 64bit available,
and won’t run on a 32bit system…

Try the Trial-Version of Toon Boom Studio, I guess, it’s still in 32bit and should run on your system.

Really? That’s nice. I wasn’t aware that the words “Now in 64 bit” meant that they’d removed the 32bit.

does Toon Boom Studio allow for frame-by-frame animation like Animate 3 does?

Yes it does…
With Toon Boom Studio one can do it all: Frame by Frame, Cut-Out, Bones, Stop-Motion etc.
Download the Free Trial and see for yourself…

Check out the current Boxing-Day-Sale-Offer: $119 is just a bargain…