Download & DirectX

Although I’ve downloaded TB7, it does not show as an icon on my desktop, as it claims something with the content went wrong, yet, it shows up under recently downloaded, but not under installed programs; no matter how many times I delete the “downloaded” icon and redo the installation.

Another problem I’m having trouble understanding, is the DirectX card. Is this something that is free to download, or do I need to purchase it in a store? If so, where do I insert the card into my pc tower?

I have 2.87 GB usable on my hard drive, and am running Windows 7, 64 bit os, with AMD Athlon™ 2 x2 215 processor 2.70 (not sure if the last part was needed).

I apologize for all these questions. I’m new to the TB community. Thanks for any help!

This is the Animate/harmony forum. You should try in the Toonboom Studio forum. You probably should contact for help with this.