Download 5.5 using active update license

I’m using imac High Sierra. I had Storyboard Pro 5.5 since 2018. I had a mishap and had to erase my computer. I backed up files but not the SBP App. I loaded High Sierra on computer and trying to reload other software. I thought I could reload my SBP 5.5 using my active license from Toon Boom. There’s no one at Toon Boom due to virus lockdown. No one is answering my emails remotely either.
Is there any on who knows wether I can download 5.5 from Toon Boom using my active upgrade license?
Desperately need for work.
Appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Calvin Suggs

Hi calvinS_57740,

I can assure you that Toon Boom staff are working very hard and if you sent your e-mail to we will get back to you as soon as we can. It sounds like you were unable to return your license, and our licensing team will be able to help you with that as soon as they can.