Hello, I downloaded the animate trial here and wonder if I could do it with a professional style naruto anime, bleach, among others. Thank you!!! Translated by Bing translator

Its a professional application, though most japanese companies use Animo. Animate, Flash or any animation software should work. The key is the talent on your end.

It is “just” a tool. Obviously a pretty powerful one. You pretty much do whatever your artistic talents can do.

You can definitely do any style of animation that you want. With an anime style, they usually go for a frame-by-frame approach, either tradiitonally and scanning their drawings, or by doing the drawings directly in the software with a tablet. They don’t usually use character rigs for their work, though you can still get an anime-style in the eyes and such with a character rig, you just won’t be able to get the same animation style with a rig.

So if you’re going for an anime style, then usually you’re going to be doing frame-by-frame animation (new drawings on each frame).

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