Doubts about export and resolution.

Dear friends,

I´m worried because I need to make an animated video for TV and I have some doubts:

1. Which resolution and fps: Nowadays, the TV is HDTV, isn´t it?, 1920 x 1080?. 24 or 25 fps?.

2. When I export the video, how I can avoid blending and interlaced?. What´s the best píxel for video, is the square píxel?. Where Animate PRO has the options to select this píxel?

3. Are these steps correct?:

a. I do the animation and export it with ANIMATION codec.

b. In Premiere check that the animation isn´t interlaced or with blending.

c. Export with h264 codec.

4. Which is the best resolution and codec to make a video and it to be see in any TV?, 1920 X 1080?.

5. Maybe you can help me with this question of Premiere:
If I need a composition in 1920 x 1080 in Premiere, how I can do?, because there isn´t this option.

That´s all.

Thank you very much.