Doubt about frames. Just need some little tips.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just need some little tips.

I’ve not yet find answer to this doubt of mine.
I have a puppet template, all cut, all mount, with pivots and hierarchy, one view, to test.
This one:

I’ve never understand well how can i, make the puppet continuing appear in the next frames, and next, and next (…).
i know that its beacause they dont have any information, but, how do i put it well? Its not with “+”
, or another keyframes. I’ve read a lot, but im still confused : p

And many thanks to answer me. :wink:

I did it.

Just clean those extra cells, because i just have one view and, select a new cell, right click and, Extend Exposure with the PEG layer minimized.

Im kinda surprised that i’ve need so mutch time to figure it out. Noobs life lol.