Double click to select from current frame to the end of the timeline

I do a lot of rigging. Whenever I need to update a cloned arm or leg or eye group, I often need to find the Upper_Arm_Master-P peg layer and copy all the keyframes and cell swaps from the outdated group to the new group. I’m working in scenes that are sometimes more than 1000 frames long. I wish there were a way to easily select from frame 1 to the end of the timeline without having to scrub to the end, shift select, and then scrub back to the beginning of the Timeline. In Adobe Flash, all you had to do was double click the current frame you were on and it would select to the end of the timeline. It would be awesome to have that functionality.

Stuff I’ve already tried: With the Timeline focus on frame 1 and my collapsed layers selected, I press the “Last Frame” keyboard shortcut. The playhead goes to the end of the timeline, but I press shift and click on frame 1 and nothing gets selected, even when I try the shortcut Recentre, nothing changes.

I’ve also tried splitting the timeline, selecting frame 1 in the left timeline window and then the last frame in the right window. It doesn’t work. It seems buggy.

Thanks so much.

–EDIT: YU UEDA on the Discord Channel #tb-script-sharing was very kind to write a script that will clone the group and copy and paste the keyframes and cell swaps without us even needing to touch the timeline. If you’d like to see it, go to the Discord Channel and check April 9, 2021. I wish there were a way to post it here in the forum, but it won’t allow me to.