Double camera window

I’m trying to record my work using an OBS software but my issue is that I’d like to record it without zooming/rotating. I’ve managed to find a way to do this in Photoshop by simply opening the window twice (window>arrane>new window for xy.psd) Then I just placed the window on my second screen and recorded that screen. Now I’d like to do the same in Harmony but I can’t find a way. Camera window can be opened just once and I can’t use only Drawing window since I’m doing rigging and animation too. Any ideas? I’m desperate :smiley:

You can open a second camera window.
Go to the “+” sign up in the corner and choose a camera window. Then drag it to the other monitor.

I’ve tried that, doesn’t work. If the Camera window is open it won’t allow me to add another one. Tried moving it to second screen and then adding another cam. window but that just makes the already opened window active. I even tried renaming the camera window. Could it be that it’s not supported in Essentials?

I use Harmony Advanced so I could be that it is not possible in Essentials.

/ Mattias

That does not fit with the description in the Essentials User Guide.

“You can open several instances of the same view except for the Timeline, Tool Properties, Colour, and Drawing views.”

Do you realize that initially there is actually no camera through which you see with the Camera View/window? You might have to add cameras before you can open another instance of the Camera View window. I have Premium so I am just guessing having referenced the Essentials guide. In Premium I am able to open multiple instances of the same Camera View without adding one camera.

“By default, there is no camera in the scene. The frame visible in the Camera is only a reference based on your project’s resolution. In order to position your camera, you must add one to your scene.”

Adding Views

Adding a Camera

Do one of the following:

    1. In the Timeline view, click the Add Layer button and select Camera.
    2. From the top menu, select Insert > Camera.

A new camera layer is added to the scene and appears in the Timeline view.

<b>NOTE: You cannot add a camera inside a symbol.</b>

Second screen? Do you mean a second display/monitor or just the other instance within Photoshop?

I mean I opened the psd I was working on as a second instance and moved it to my second monitor. That way I could keep drawing and the second instance was showing my work in real time but it was showing the whole picture without zooming/rotating. And now I’d like to do the same in Harmony :slight_smile:


Thinking about your situation, if you are able to add more than one camera to scenes you should be able to open a separate Camera View/window for each camera. Even if you have to have two cameras positioned next to one another your plan could work.

Please try adding two cameras and opening a Camera View/window for each.

Well that’s the problem, I cant open another Camera View/Window. Here’s a video: I might be doing something wrong since previously I worked with Harmony 9 and 14 is a bit different. It seems I’ll just have to record my work as it is with all the zooming and rotating, which isn’t ideal but it isn’t a tragedy either. :slight_smile:

What you are doing in your movie is trying to add another camera window to the same window space.
That won’t work. If you want to bring another camera window to a 2nd monitor go into
menu-Windows-Camera and it will pop-up a free-floating camera window that you can
drag over to the other monitor.

Hi, sorry for the delayed answer. Nope that doesn’t work either. It just changes focus to already opened camera view window. Nevermind, it’s a little inconvenience but I can live with it. However I’ve stumbled upon a much bigger issue. Here: I’d be very grateful if you could help me with it. It’s very frustrating.