Don't Go Falling

Hi Folks

Here’s a video I made to go with a song I wrote late last year.

I made it because it’s a genre I’ve never tried before and because I wanted to understand Inverse Kinematics better.

My starting point was the two silouette characters. Both characters are fully rigged and can be manipulated either by the Transform Tool, the Inverse Kinematic tool or a mixture of both. I used silouettes because I wanted to take the characters down to basics in order to understand more about kinematics without having to build patches for joints and generally ending up with a structure that would confuse me (very easily done!). In the main, there is only one drawing for each limb and if I couldn’t get the exact pose I wanted because of the design restraints, I worked around it.

Once the characters were built I tried to find settings that would work with the silouettes.

Further simplifications are that it’s all one camera “shot” and made in a single “scene” in Animate 2.

In the end, the way the action evolved, I hardly used any character movement at all! Most moves are made using the Transform Tool but there was a tiny bit of work with the Inverse Kinematics tool. At the moment, based on my extreme lack of knowledge, I think I prefer the Transform Tool for animating. Sometimes using the Inverse Kinematics tool was like trying to pose an octopus by holding one of it’s legs.

Thanks to the ToonBoom team for the excellent tutorials in this area.

I’m glad I didn’t get more ambitious.


Nice work, Bob! I hope you don’t mind if I give some suggestions. I thought it started off well and I liked the silhouette technique. When the heart breaks in scene one I think the breaking lines that come in from the sides should have turned to black as they went over the white heart. Would have been more effective.

In scene two I thought the trees bouncing in time with the music didn’t add much. The girl was okay until she did a flip and the splits. Just seemed out of place.

In scene three I’d drop the floating hearts. The guy playing the guitar should have had his strums in synch with the notes he was playing. Also, give a bit of movement to the guitar so that it is not completely stationary. You could also move in closer with the camera once you established the scene.

After that, I can’t remember. I don’t see any playback controls on that site/clip so I couldn’t stop it or rewind to double check something. It had to run all the way through and then start again.

Hope these comments are helpful and not discouraging. Overall I liked it very much!

Hi Zeb

Thanks for the very helpful comments. I welcome your suggestions and I agree with all the points you made about the animation.


It doesn’t work for me in internet explorer :frowning:

Hi James

If Explorer takes you to the web address and nothing happens immediately, it’s usually because the file is loading. If you wait a minute or two it should run. The site’s designed for flash that have internal pre-loaders which start playing immediately. I’ve not yet found a way of adding a preloader to an Animate 2 *.swf files. I’ve come across a few folk who say they know how to it but no one who has actually done it.


Very pretty. :slight_smile: I agree with Zeb’s comment that her acrobatics (especially the splits) seemed a little odd.

I really like the graphic style of the piece! Nice work.