Don't apply stretching on a deformer

I’m rigging a character who’s supposed to have robotic arms that wiggle like cables AND stretch. So of course I can easily achieve this with curve deformer, but the problem is that the arm is supposed to have vertical stripes on it (screenshot1.png) and when I stretch the arm, the stripes get stretched along with it and it doesn’t look good (screenshot4.png).
I’ve tried putting the stripes on a separate layer, masking them using the arm and then attaching them to the arm deformation group so it inherits the position only and this is exactly what I want to happen when I stretch the arm (screenshot2.png)… however, if besides of stretching, I try deforming the arm, the stripes of course don’t follow that deformation (screenshot3.png).
So it’s like right now I can either make the stripes follow the deformation but look bad when the arm stretches, or make them look good when the arm stretches but don’t follow the deformation…
I think the solution would be to somehow attach the stripes to the arm deformation group but disable them from inheriting the stretching. Is that possible…? Or maybe there’s completely other way around to make that cable-like, stretchy arms with stripes work?

Thanks in advance!

I’m using Harmony 10.3.