Were any of you guys surprised to find the software came with a Dongle, I know we were? Is this really necessary? I thought Dongles went AWOL years ago. I have no problem with companies wanting to protect their intellectual propert and prevent fraudulant copies but with software keys and serial numbers I would have thought this sufficient. Years ago our institution had many nightmare scenarios when dongles were lost or broken, companies were loth to replace them for obvious reasons and we said never ever again. I know many colleagues in other organisation felt the same. Is Toon Boom getting over paranoid about fraud? Please get rid of the dongle to the rubbsih bin where it belongs. Best regards to all of you. :’(

I couldn’t agree more. I have had bad experiences with dongles (especially with Avid), and was disappointed when my new Storyboard Pro installation disk arrived with one. I plan to travel with my laptop and had hoped to use Storyboard, but with a $250.00 replacement fee for the darn dongle, I’m reluctant to take it off its USB port in my studio!

Thanks for your comments, I sent my product straight back and asked for a refund. There was no way we were going to proceed down the Dongle route.

yes this is a huge issue to me as well. Don’t companies know that most artists have multiple computers? I have 3–two portable laptops and a home computer! now I have to remember to carry this fragile dongle everywhere I work? This is why I hated Mirage so much as well.

Just to be the devil’s advocate here, actually even if you had a serial number only, legally you usually don’t have the right to put the software on more than one computer at the time. So you would have to install and reinstall everytime you change machine. With the dongle you can have the software on any machine but it is activate only by plugin in the dongle.

This stinks :’( , I actually kinda liked using Toon Boom.

Just the other day I asked our CCO why we were phasing Toon Boom out of our pipeline and he told me it was due to the “dreaded dongle”, I totally laughed cause I thought he was kidding! I had no idea anyone still used these things anymore, holy digital dark ages Batman! Out of all the powerful software tools we use every day, Toon Boom is hardly the powerhouse. With all of the alternative, more advanced solutions on the market I have to wonder what Toon Boom sees in their products that the rest of us do not.

Can you imagine if all the other companies required dongles as well? Somebody put me in a straight-jacket thanks to the insanity and yikes on the USB hubification! And all this time I thought Microsoft was the one working out of a time machine-looks like toon boom takes the cake, congrats TB! Of course some of us will sort of miss ya, but not THAT much! ;D Nobody has time these days for a binary straight-jacket! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dongle = No sale.

Serial numbers and web authorizations are fine. Dongles, which often don’t work or get lost, are not.


Just a side note, future versions of the Storyboard should be working with an activation (similar to Toon Boom Studio and Animate current licensing).



Been playing around with the trail version. Does the current version available for purchase now have a dongle??

Seems this one was released in 2007 and does not work well with Animate. Any idea when a new version may be released?

I just wondering if the Storyboard pro can be possibly installed without using the dongle? ??? I’m newbee ::slight_smile: some enlightenment is needed dongle is a new thing for me, tnx a lot