Doing Infographic Videos

Can I do infographic videos such as this?
(areva, demoduck/crazyegg, mint)



What does $1 Trillion look like? -

What would be the best method(s)/ process for doing videos such as this?

This is really a generic sort of question. Can you create those types of videos? I don’t know can you? There is nothing in the software that would prevent you from creating those types of videos, but in al reality you can create those types of videos in almost any animation package. Was there something specific abut these videos that you think this software would either struggle with, or not be able to do? Because in my mind, animation is animation is animation, and it should not ever depend on the tool you’re using. It should depend on the creativity of the user.

What would be the best method(s)/ process for doing videos such as this?

Infographics Template | Infographic Designs

The video’s shown as examples above are typically either best done in programmes like Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, with assets taken from GoAnimate / Videoscribe / ToonBoom.

Don’t get me wrong ToonBoom can do a great job but it is far easier to use something like AE or AM as it has built in tools to emulate certain effects / movements which would be too time consuming in ToonBoom.

In some ways you are better off using ToonBoom to create specific animated assets or scenes and then bring them into AE or Am to add into an the overall video.

Those examples i would almost certainly say have been done in after effects,

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