DOF & Morph in TBS 5.0?

Evening all, brand new user here.

Just want to make sure I understand, there is no way to ‘morph’ such as a smooth rubber band motion of an elbow joint in Toon Boom Studio 5.0?

Also, is there no blur options for the camera’s DOF? I’d like to apply varying levels of blur to imported bitmaps turned into vectors WITH their original textures, but see no way to do this.

I did a few searches on this forum without success, but if there is already a thread could someone re-direct me?

Thanks for any help!


Both of the feature you mention are available in Animate. Those tools are not yet implemented inside of Toon Boom studio. You could create some kind of blur by using the Feather edges option but this will need to be adjusted frame by frame on each drawings if you want to create a depth of field effect as you move the camera. Otherwise you could always render each layer separately and blur them in a bitmap editing software and do a quick swap of images has you move across the scene.

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That clears things up, thanks!

On a side note, I was a little surprised at least one of these weren’t offered, as another competitor software of almost half the cost has both of these options. All good though. Perhaps one day I’ll pony up the dough. :wink: