Does Toon Boom tell their employees not to give answers in here? Is it because TB charges for support?

Actually, it might be because no one is here.

Does Toon Boom tell their employees not to have social media profiles? Just asking.

In addition, you can also reach out directly to if you have any immediate questions, concerns or feedback as those e-mails go directly to me.

I can promise you that changes are coming since I have heard all of the feedback about our community presence and everything else said here. The changes we are planning to make are long-term changes though, and those take time to properly map out and plan.

All in all, I hope that answers all of your questions. Feel free to message me anytime either at the community e-mail address or on Discord if you ever need to talk to a Toon Boom employee directly, as I am always more than happy to take some time out of my day and talk to all of the wonderful people that use our software.

I’m always here reading almost every thread! If you don’t know me, Hi! My name is Derek and I am the Community Manager here at Toon Boom and I just moved into this role full time on September 1st. My main job is to plan for the future of these Forums (which more will be coming soon!) and answer community questions such as this one. We realize that our forums are more support focused and question heavy right now, and we are developing a long term plan to increase traffic here and get people chatting again.

I also manage the Official Toon Boom Community Discord which has been growing quite fast since it launched a little while ago. We now have over 250 people on it, including Toon Boom staff from a whole bunch of our departments. Community members on our server have been sharing work, job postings, scripts and much more with each other and there have been a lot of great resources posted on the server.

Link to our Official Discord:

So if you’d like to see our staff presence, check there! As for the forums, in addition to me, our Support and Training departments do monitor the forums when they have time as do members of our community who want to help others.

So nope, there is no Toon Boom mandate to not answer questions here, in fact, we regularly answer the questions we do have the answers to! We also all have social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc but generally, the best way to reach out to us is via our official social media accounts, which you can find here:

Any person messaging us on those platforms is also answered by our Social Media Manager, and he will send off your questions to other departments if needed.