Does Toon Boom answer questions by email?


I was just wondering if Toon Boom usually answers email questions and how long it usually takes. I wrote 2 emails but I never got a response.

I sent an email just the other day and got a response within 12 hours (I’m in Australia).

Did you send an email through the contact page form?

Or did you send it directly to or

I find I get an answer quicker if I use the contact form.

I’m not sure but I think I used the contact form as well. What surprised me was that I had a question about purchasing the product and never got a response. I had another question after the purchase and that was never answered either.

This is very unusual indeed! We are usually very prompt, responding within 24 hours. Did you get a response from filling out the form?

If not then you can contact Philip directly:
or Toll Free in North America: 1 800 962 8666 x 6489
or direct: +1 514 490 6489

Thats happened to me too, but not sure if it as the same person. Mail problem, maybe?

On one occassion I contacted support regarding previously purchased TBS tutorials. It was was responded but after I was asked which tutorials I had purchased and I replied, no answer.

The second time was when i sent a request regarding Harmony stand-alone, which I didn’t get a response to.

Mind you, that was a while back and I gave up on both occasions.