Does the tablet have to be Wacom?

I’ve been looking around at the various drawing tablets available and I noticed a few other brands that cost less than Wacom…are any of the others Toon Boom friendly or does it have to be a Wacom tablet in order to use Toon Boom?


Officially we have only tested and approved Wacom brand tablet. Although I know some users in here have been using other brand so hopefully some of those people will be able to tell you which they are using.



I use a Genius G-Pen, really cheap, tablet. Pressure sensitivity does NOT work in Toon Boom Studio, even though it works fine with other programs, like Adobe’s products. We’re all eventually going to have to buy ourselves a Wacom. That’s the respectable thing to do in this business. I won’t do it, unitl I can afford a Cintiq ;D. It’s a trade off between price and quality of results you can achieve with that tool.

I can say however, that pressure sensitivity isn’t everything in this world either. In THIS THREAD, the rough character animation, and the rough backgrounds were done with the Genius tablet and no pressure sensitivity. If you’re aiming for a “sketchy” look, you can still get nice results. Like this one:

Hope it helps.



I was also curious about the subject of which tablet to get before I decided to make a purchase. Last year I knew nothing about Wacom or graphics tablets or Tablet PCs for that matter. But I recognized Wacom to be a standout brand when doing my research on art software and equipment. Eventually I came to the conclusion that you get what youpay for, and at the beginning pressure sensitivity might not be important, but depending on the quality you are looking for in your artwork, pressure sensitivity will be an important factor to express your artistic ability just as if you were using regular media ( pen and paper). :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not know much about the other graphics tablets out there, but I do know they are cheaper than Wacoms. Ok, I understand that just because something is more expensive doesn not mean is better than something which is more affordable. It all depends on you yourself doing the research to learn its capabilities and weaknesses. I will remain a Wacomn fan for as long as it works for me. <br /><br /> I used to have an Intuos tablet a while ago, but I could never get used to drawing that way. Once I heard of tablet pcs I jumped right in, and it is a nicer experience than what I thought. You could even say that its the budget version of a Cintiq, minus the compromises of comfort and portability. Even comparing a tablet pc with the Cintiq 12WX is unfair, you still need a pc to output the drawing/painting app to display on the thing. And the 12WX is not as portable as you might think. ( just between you and me, I have the 12WX, the 21UX, a Lenovo X61T, a Portege R400 and a Asus R1F, I know what I`m talking about, kind of… :wink: )