Does the Desktop Subcription not upgrade to Harmony 14?

I’ve been using 12 for while now. I saw that 14 was on my download page and it encouraged me to upgrade. But when it did it said “There is no license for ToonBoom Premium on your account”…while showing such license right behind it. A little help here? I’ll attach some images of everything being shown to me.


Perhaps go to the 12 licensing wizzard, return license and try to activate it again? I’m still downloading 14 and also desktop subscription.

Yep, same thing here. Returning/activating didn’t seem to change anything. The error in info is the same as yours (requires 14 have 12).

hey CozyBanx1 looks like your license path is using a cracked license file “TB061915-All.dat”

Weird, maybe it’s just some install thing? This is what my error says:

I contacted support, this is what they said:

"Our team is working on getting the licenses for Harmony 14 available.
This should be fixed soon, please be patient.


Guess just have to wait for an email to update it.

that’s probably happening because you didn’t download harmony 14 from My Downloads/Trials page but instead from the Try For Free download page,
I realized that I needed to go to the trials page and download it from there so my account could register a trial key for 21days, I got the same error you got about not supporting this version because it was a trial activation for harmony 12, most likely CozyBanx1 make the same mistake too but CozyBanx1 is/was using a cracked license.dat file as far as I know that crack license doesn’t work and your risking your system files and personal info by using those types of cracked software.

Yea the trial activation worked, but license upgrade is still down it seems. Also has anyone found a way to import the shortcuts from 12 into 14 as well as work space?

Good afternoon,

If you are on Desktop subscription, you are indeed eligible to Harmony 14 upgrade and any future upgrade as long as your subscription is valid.

Which Harmony build are you using? (Windows: Help > About or Mac: Harmony [edition] > About)
It looks like you are using 12.0

If you are on Harmony 12.0, there is an alternate procedure. You should receive a communication about it shortly, but see it below.
If you are on 12.1 or 12.2, the upgrade code should work as planned.

Before downloading and upgrading to Harmony 14, return your license for 12.0 using the license wizard.

Here are the instructions on how to return your license:

After returning your old license, you can download and install Harmony 14. You will find the download link in My Downloads.
If you experience any problem, please contact our support department at