Does TBS-3 animate a character from differet angles?

When animating a character with Toon Boom Studio V3 - do you have to draw your character from every angle - or can TBS intuitively animate it (for instance, turning of a head, profile, 3/4, 7/8, back). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

the answer is: no. it’s a traditional 2d-animation package. you must draw every pose separately. but you could animate translations and pans with pegs, though.

Thanks a lot for clearing this up. I really appreciate it.

Our latest software Toon Boom Solo will do that. It’s called morphing.

E.G. With Solo, if you have a profile, 45o and front image, you can effectively generate in betweens frames to create the full motion from profile to front. You can add hints to control the morphing of your objects.

TBS won’t do that !

yeah, but solo is a complex animation/fx/compositing tool in another price category. why do you think we stick to tb studio instead of paying 3,000 bucks for a next fancy tool from the free market? :wink:

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hi mathieu,
it’s not i desperately need a profile change.
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ToonBoom Solo looks pretty good. i’ve been checking out
the features in the demo. however, 3 grand? you know
that’s a $1,ooo more than Alias Maya Complete? although
AMC is a 3D package, it more than rivals TB Solo in
the technical wizardry department. why so expensive? since
TB Solo lacks 3D modeling, raytracing, particles, dynamics,
comprehensive material types, and more indepth asset
management i think the ToonBoom Solo price should be
trimmed, to say, $1500. and without removing features.
you’d move a lot more copies by charging a price a 'solo’
animator could afford.