does tbs 3.5.1 work with leopard?

hi guys,
it’s been a long time i visited this forum and i don’t have time to read all the posts, could be my question has been already posted, but can you give me the short answer anyway:

i tried to install my current tbs copy (3.5.1) on my macbook pro (intel mac, leopard) and it goes every time: ‘the application toon boom studio v3.5 quit unexpectedly’. is it because it doesn’t go at all, or is it some fault of mine?

thanks in advance.

Hi Rob,

The fix to make the software compatibly on OSX 10.5 was applied in version 4.0 since we did not have a copy of 10.5 available while 3.5 was still being worked on.



thanks, ugo. seems i have to update anyway :wink:

Hello Ugo!
i have got the same problem with installing the TBS version 3.5.1 on leopard. im not glad with this situation.<br />but.... i think its better to buy the upgrade on v4.5. will it work than?<br />and... how can i pay when ive got no master- and visacard? will it work with online banking?
i can`t wait to work with my brand new mac, wacom tablet and TBS - Please help!!!

thank you very much

Hi Marina,

If you upgrade to 4.5 it will indeed work under OSX 10.5. As for online payment I am not aware of all the formalities but you can get in contact with our sales department concerning this at

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thanks 4 your time and fast answer!

nice time