does Studio 4 work with Surface Pro 3

I’m thinking of getting a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Does TB Studio 4 work with this? I heard the pen resolution is less. Will this affect the final drawing?

I don’t think Studio 4 supports touch interface since this version is quite old.

For the resolution, you can always zoom-in I suppose.
Since the software is vector-based I don’t expect final
drawing quality to be affected too much.

I just picked up a Surface Pro 3. The Pro 3 is amazing, but drawing in Storyboard Pro 3d lags horribly.

I did the same thing as you and bought the Surface Pro 3, mostly to use Storyboard Pro with.

I’m really hoping there are some people looking into it, because it’s really unusable as it is.

I am looking to purchase the i3 Model with 64GB and Intel Graphic 4200.
Will it work with ToonBoom Animate Pro 2?

Please advise.

Surface Pro 3 is seeing a steady stream of updates. As of this week, Surface Pro 3’s Toon Boom Studio experience is greatly improved. I now consider the two to be compatible.

I tested Surface Pro 3 using the Wintab drivers, which must be downloaded from and found the following:
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro works great (using the trial edition)
Toon Boom Harmony works well, also. Since Animate uses the same “drawing machine,” it should work, too.
On the other hand, Toon Boom Studio does not work well at all. If you use Studio, stick to the Wacom enabled tablets such as Surface Pro 2 or 1.

the surface will work with it…but not well as ive mentioned in other posts. There are cheaper and better options. Buy a hybrid tablet that uses Wacom technology.
Other than the fact that a surface pro 3 pressure sensitivity will not work due to no driver support … the model you are mentioning would have hardware limitations to the software.
To run most of the TB family, you want 8gb of ram, the model of SP3 you mentioned only has 4gb ram.
A great tablet for the price but wont do what you want it to do.

Definitely consider turning that “big mistake” into an advantage and think about crossgrading to Animate or Animate Pro. Talk to sales directly rather than making a straight buy through the website. They were helpful when I was shopping.

I have the i7 version and I cant get brush pressure to work at all on it. Do I need to use wacom drivers and a wacom pen? I have a pen from an intuos pro.
(edit: this doesnt work. You obviously cant use wacom pens with surface pro 3 as they have different digitizers).
A surface pro 3 is useless for TBS. Stick to hybrid tablets with wacom digitizers if you want to do this. I bought the 2nd highest spec’ed surface pro 3 specifically as a cheaper option to a w8.1 cintiq standalone. Big mistake.