Does Mischief Play nice with ToonBoom?

Has anyone used these two together. What export options does Mischief have that comes right into Harmony?

nothing. import a flat image rendered from mischief into harmony.

forget about mischief, it’s teetering on abandonware. shame, really. nice potential in mischief but still remains a proof-of-concept that foundry tricked folks into paying for. the promise of the infinite zoom canvas falls apart because it doesn’t anti-alias or optimize the drawings as you “zoom out” very well, if at all. alas what we have is the equivalent of a html5 canvas web tech demo or a mobile sketching app toy. no doubt you can create works with mischief, and it remains fun and the stylus drawing tools are competent (if not terribly basic). it was a mistake to sell it as an actual application, and then just drop development/discussion on it. i suppose the infinite canvas concept can still work for mischief if you don’t use the infinite depth aspect (instead only utilizing the infinite single-plane) but that isn’t really all that unique, i have other software that can do that.

plus i’d guess that the future of mischief (as acquired by foundry) is to become a proprietary feature of their nuke compositor so i’d expect even less chance of harmony interoperability as mischief “matures”. foundry will want you drawing within their environment (and maybe it will be amazing :slight_smile: )