Does Corel Painter work with toonboom?

Just curious, Ive got Corel painter essentials, and adobe elements. I know adobe can be used in conjunction with TBS, but can corel? I ask because I find it to have way more to offer in terms of different brushes & line quality. Id love to do my inking in Corel if it’s possible.

If anyone knows how please fill me in, thanks.

hey i was wondering if anyone could help me i dont want to use toon booms drawing i want to use photoshop cs to do the drawing and the coulering and use toon boom to do all the animating can some one plz tell me how to do this if its possible plz

Hi JM.

Here’s a link that should help, I actually just read this 10 seconds before reading your post. Hope it helps, scroll to th ebottom of the thread to JK’s post.;action=display;threadid=2655;start=msg10493#msg10493

thanks a lot ;D


Yes, indeed, Corel Painter can be used in conjunction with TBS. You can import as bitmap images for backgrounds or import and vectorize drawing elements which can be further edited.


cool guitarist, thanks for the info :slight_smile: