Does Astropad or Duet App work with the latest Toon Boom Version?


I’m currently working on my workspace at home and plan to save up for a new macbook. I have an ipad and to save money, i I’d like to use as a 2nd monitor for designing rigs. I’m just curious if anyone here has used Astropad or Duet app and does it work with the latest Toon Boom version, even if you have V14, 15, or 16.

I would like to know as i’m planning to purchase the app.



Can only speak of Astropad. It does not appear to require support from the software it is used with. Harmony 11-17 work fine. Astropad works through itself, iOS and OS X. There is an app installed on the pad device and software installed on the computer. These two components seem to do all of the work unlike other options like a conventional tablet or Cintiq and its drivers.

Harmony 17 has already introduced pen support for tilt and angle
responsiveness generally.

Our R&D department is currently evaluating Catalina including
SideCar with AstroPad. I have not ETA on when our test will be

I’ve tried Astropad/Luna Display with Harmony 17 and it works very well. The Apple Pencil draws nice, natural lines in Harmony 17. It’s very responsive. The touch gestures that Astropad uses all work nicely. For example, zooming into the canvas with two fingers and moving the canvas with two fingers is working. Astropad has worked as expected in most of my applications, but there was one I tried recently (the new Moho Pro) where the canvas would move in the opposite direction.

I do recommend getting the Luna Display hardware. It has made using Astropad much more enjoyable.

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

Thanks Matthew. I’m just curious what is your current Mac Os if you have a Macbook.

I am using Mojave version 10.14.5 on an iMac.