Does anyone moderate and remove SPAM here?

Does anyone moderate and remove SPAM here?

If there is SPAM appears to linger far too long.

I am a fairly new member here and it seems like there is more SPAM activity than user discussion taking place.

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Sorry about that, with the summer vacations we’ve been short on eyes to moderate the user forums. Not an excuse and I apologize for the spam. I’m removing them all right now!!!

Thanks for reporting this problem to us. Much appreciated!

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It looks like Harmony 12 Essentials is going to replace TBS,
if I understood correctly.
I wonder if Harmony 12 Essentials would have the same features as TBS ?
Are Harmony and Storyboard Pro available ONLY on a monthly or annual basis ?
I cannot find the price if I want to buy the software NOT scribe.
I’ve been using TBS since version 2 ,yes TBS v2 on & off
(a black silhouette man jumping from the red building as I recall)
as well I bought another 6 product from this site

Is there currently a way to report spam?


I have years of work in Toon Boom Studio projects and templates. If I upgrade to Harmony will that still be compatible? Can I open TBS projects in Harmony?

You can. There is a conversion app that resides in your account online here after you upgrade to one of the levels of Harmony 12.

Is Studio about to disappear and be replaced with Harmony? I have just purchased Studio. If Harmony is taking over can I upgrade?

Upgrades are available from Toon Boom Studio to Harmony.

Toon Boom Studio is still for sale and will be supported for a year.

Now did you just buy Studio -e.g. in recent weeks? if so, contact me bbennett at toonboom dot com.

I’ve been using TBS since it was TBS 4. Right now I’m on 7.1 and find that it is buggy and loves to crash even though my computer is top notch.

What’s this about TBS being eliminated?

I hate new learning curves and if it’s too tough I can simply go to flash which I already own (but never use).

We still sell Toon Boom Studio and will support it for a year going forward. You can continue to use your Toon Boom Studio as long as you want or you can check out Harmony which is newer technology (64-bit etc.).

Search “upgrade” and you select Harmony Essentials. Then inside your Account you will see Perpetual option. Your current serial number will appear. Click on that to see the price based on what you own. It will cost $99 to get to the Harmony that coincides with Studio (Essentials).

Everything has a Subscription and Perpetual license option. You do not have to subscribe and can opt for a license like you have owned previously.