Does anyone here do some Voice acting?

I hope I am allowed to post this here, but does anyone here do any Voice overs?, for a minimal charge, or maybe an exchange of services, you know I help you with your projects you read a few lines?

If you charge, and can do a young British Accent let me know how much, I don’t have much money but if it’s reasonable, and you are good and have a professional Condenser Mic then … Maybe I can get some funding.

I am not in anyway related to them but I have seen recommended a few times.

If you need music, then I am the person to ask ;D

Yeah, You’ve mentioned that you do music before. Do you do all Genres? Can you do Epic? I’m gonna be looking for something like the theme for Gladiator, maybe with an Orchestra or whatever it is.

You see I am a Hobbyist, but I have dreams of working for a Studio one day. I want to submit to the festivals someday and maybe catch some luck.
So the goal for my film(s) is Quality all across the board.

I know nothing about making music, or even compositing, but I will find solutions when/if I ever get to there. It is the only thing I am passionate about in this life.

Yeah I do most styles. I love orchertrated music. I am sure you heard the quailty of the strings and brass in my video clip.

Yes I have, as a matter of fact I was going to ask you about it, before I went into that symbols not registering on the stage crap that I went through.

How much roughly, would you charge for an Epic style theme? I mean I want some drums baby. Do you charge based on how long the theme is or ?

It depends on lots of factors and the type of rights you want to the music. It also depends on if I like the project to the type of arrangement I can come too. Drums are no issue :slight_smile: easiest thing to do. Remember however you probably need much more than a theme.