Does anyone have a more efficient method of simulating writing?

I am animating words being written on a piece of paper. In order to achieve this, I am:

1.) first writing the complete word with the brush tool.
2.) extending the exposure out several frames
3.) erasing the word letter by letter duplicating the frames as I chip away at the finished word with the eraser tool
4.) Finally I then cut and paste special again in reserve.

Once played back it appears as if someone is writing on a piece of paper (just add sound effects).

Does anyone have a more efficient method?

I think an easier way would be to write the entire word, then create a simple mask layer using the cutter tool. You can animate the mask exposing the letters.

+1 on the mask/cutterYou can also morph the mask drawing to ensure you have a pen tip shape when writing.

Thanks guys! Both ideas will save me from alot of grunt work!

I did a tutorial on this :stuck_out_tongue: check my links below my post

You could just simplify it with a minimum of 5 drawings.Create a new layer, start of with writing the bottom part of a letter, copy, move across to a black drawing, paste. Extend the letter by drawing a bit more, Copy, move to a blank drawing, paste. Keep doing this till you have one letter, then spread the drawings out over 3 spaces between each, and use the morph tool from 1 to the other and so on.

Initally I was going to use the morph tool for it however the big downside is the morph tool takes straight lines. I wasn’t happy with that result. That is why I went for this method which follows the contours and is more flexible for future projects people would use from the technique.