Does anyone from Toonboom monitor this forum or is it just user based?

Just wondering as no one has responded to my issue since Dec 22nd. I can totally understand if no user has an answer but Toonboom should respond regardless.

Are you sure you sent it to the right address? Are you certain their reply didn’t get blocked by your email provider or that it didn’t end up in your email’s SPAM folder?

This is just a user forum.

There are posts from the past where TB staff have participated but they do not do it routinely or at least it does not appear to be a routine of late.

You should contact Support directly.

I have always received a response from them regarding technical issues.

I have not attempted to ask them about user/procedural issues though.

Thanks for the help… I actually DID contact them and got no response. Not sure what that’s about but thanks for answering my question!