Does Animation also allow export as .fla file?

I was impressed that Studio allows you to export your project file as a .fla file so you can continue working on it in Adobe Flash… Does Animation have the same feature?

OUCH… That’s a serious letdown. I really liked how Studio gave you the option of switching your project over to a .fla file… so you could work in Studio, but then deliver the .fla (if your client was using Adobe Flash).

Not good… I wish I knew if they were planning on putting that in. With the promotion deadline coming up, this is making it even more tough to commit.

(To the Moderator, or any official ToonBoom staff):

Will Animate be able to output .fla files to be used in Adobe Flash (like Studio does) at ANY point? Is this something they WILL patch in? I would really like to know before I invest in this.

Could someone please look into that, if possible, and get back to me ASAP (…only because the deadline for the introductory promotion pricing is coming up).



For the moment we cannot define whether or not there will be a Flash Importer for Animate since the software is too fresh out of oven for us to see which Addons will be added.

The fact our file format is in XML now would probably allow people to parse it and create a Flash plugging that would allow the import so this could also be done from 3rd party company.

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toon boom studio doesn’t have a save as or export to FLA…it DOES have a plugin you can install and use IN adobe Flash so that adobe FLASH can load in the toon booms scenes…it’s sorta the same in essence but jst want to be clear that toon boom studio does’t export to .FLA

also note the keys from toonboom will get flattened out over in flash so that
there’s a key per frame belive when you load that toon boom scene into flash and not just the keys you placed.

so…your question may really want to be will toon boom animate ALSO get a plugin importer/exporter for adobe Flash CS4 in the near future.

Hi, guys…

Ah, so even with that plugin, it’s pretty much like loading a SWF into Flash… you get a ‘frame-by-frame’ keyframed version (as opposed to having tween and stuff intact)?

Bummer (on both counts)… but, at least I’m not missing out by getting Animate rather than Studio.