Does Animate support tablet tilt and pen rotation?


Was wondering if Animate supports the Wacom Intuos Tablet tilt and the Wacom Intuos 6D art pen rotation. Can anyone tell me?

Thank you.


Most do, it is just a matter of if all the buttons/features work.

If you already have one, download the ple and test.

If you’re planning to buy one just to use then hopefully someone else can give a better answer.

Thank you, Lilly and TheRaider.

Yes, Lilly, that’s what I was looking at… something like celsys manga studio, corel painter, adobe photoshop, or even adobe flash cs5.

Thank you, again.

What would you like it to do when you tilt? Change the shape of the line? Because this isn’t supported. You can change the pressure sensitivity of the line, but you can only change the tip shape by changing it in the tool properties - the tip shape can’t be changed in the middle of drawing a line, in effect.