I’m trying to digest Animate, and so far am very impressed by the features and sophistication. An area of some frustration is the documentation: while complete as far as detailing the user interface and functions, there is very little about concepts and terminology. For example, my first post in this forum was to ask about what Breakdown drawing means in Animate. Or now, I still can’t understand what are pegs, in the context of Animate? and so on. Is there any resource out there that provides a broader overview of the software? Thanks :slight_smile:

The documentation for Digital Pro is excellent and covers the basics:

The cutout workflow guide is also an excellent resource:

I’ve been using Animate for about a month. The Animate Pro documentation is excellent but knowing the basics of animation really helps. Check out some animation books such as The Animator’s Survival Kit by R. Williams. Everything you learn in the book can be applied in Animate. Also I think there’s a toon boom guide called How to Animate with Toon Boom Studio that covered a lot of the basics.

Glad I stumbled on this cause I was kind of having the shame issue with some of the terminology. Thanks for the tips.

I also went to fedex office website and had the getting started guide printed out. I am impressed with the way it looks and how quickly it was done. I asked for b/w but they did it in color, for about 20$ not bad. It helps to have a hard copy on your lap when you are following some of the techniques.

First - It is fantastic to have an active, responsive community! Second - I need to ‘eat my hat’ - Since posting this I had an opportunity to go over the documentation again - I find the used search on the pdf is very effective - and so I found many detailed descriptions that I could not find before. I am still amazed by the richness of the fictionality packed into Animate, although climbing the learning curve is slow (for me at least).

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